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Khanna Vision, Oscars and the Blind Side

The Blind Side and Vision


“The Blind side” fetched the first Oscar for the talented Sandra Bullock. Someone unassuming who played an important role in the movie was not mentioned. Yes we are talking about Quinton Aaron. He plays Michael Oher the main character in the movie. The story line features Michael Oher  who is adopted by Sean and Leigh Tuohy. It changes his life. He goes on to play professional football for the Baltimore Ravens.

Rajesh Khanna, MD is friends with Quinton Aaron. He says “Quinton is an unassuming down to earth person. He is very calm and does not usually seek attention. I wish he had been mentioned by name during the Oscars.”Aaron is 26 years old and was born in the Bronx. He is an actor, not a football player. He has acted in Mr. Brooklyn, The ministers and the TV show Law and Order and many others.  Dr. Khanna hopes Quinton will soon get the recognition he deserves

To quote Roger Friedman “But somewhow, I suspect, the Bronx actor who’s mostly played bodyguards on shows like “Law & Order” has wound up on Hollywood’s own blind side.”

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