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Charlie Chuck Beverly hills LASIK doc

Act 1 scene 1

Setting : a mansion in Beverly hills 2006
Charlie Sheen: Man, I am so gifted, than why do I have to prove myself everyday?
Chuck: Gifted my foot! You were born with a silver spoon which you have been able to tarnish.
Charlie Sheen: yeah right! 2 and 1/2 is a hit because of my heritage?when things go right it’s my birth and when things go south , I am a screwup.
Chuck: don’t twist have been sitting on the couch for 4 years. We have got tired of writing for you. You need to get up and start acting.
Charlie Sheen:tired of writing for me? Can you even write? If it wasn’t for me, do you even think your miserable talent would have seen the light of the day?
Chuck: I have been writing before you could even spell? I was writing when you were thrown out of SaMo high. I will continue writing even when you can’t stand up from your drunken stupor.
Charlie Sheen: my foot! Give you an inch you claim a yard. Without me you are dirt
Chuck: dirt is in your mind! I can write and make a hit show with unknowns. What’s more I can even turn a foreigner into a hit. Anyone, anyone tall, thin, fat …. I will show you.
Charlie Sheen: I dont have time to listen to the crap of an untalented word spitter. I am off to party.

This may or may not have happened.