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The Beverly Hills Lasik Doctor: Laser Vision Correction in L.A.


Laser Vision Correction Specialist Serving Beverly Hills and Surrounding Los Angeles, California Communities


Rajesh Khanna, M.D. envisioned a place where people would be able to go for more than just world-class eye care. He desired that patients would feel comfortable, and feel confident as they received state of the art laser vision treatment, tailored to their individual needs. Patient care has always been the primary goal, with a sincere emphasis placed on compassion and the dignity of each client.

The Khanna Institute has been conceived with the basic philosophy of “First do no harm”. Our goal is to utilize the most advanced techniques to increase the safety and efficacy of vision corrective procedures. We only use FDA-approved techniques and equipment, and our Los Angeles staff receives ongoing education to stay ahead of the field of eye care. So many happy patients seeing better in Los Angeles attribute their better eyesight to Khanna Institute of LASIK.

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