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I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery.It makes me feel a lot younger, Dr.Khanna you are the best!
Napa Perry
I’m a new patient and from the first day this office treated me very good. I also want to say your receptionist, Tori, really has a handle on her job. She hasn’t ever in the time of the process lost it. She is very good at her job and she handles herself very well. Keep up the good work Tori!
Christine Martinez
I can see colors again! Everything pops! Sensational!
God bless you Dr.Khanna and crew! The sky is awesome blue! I’m so grateful!
Thank you,
Marilyn Hualde
and i just had my left eye done! I can’t even comprehend hardly how much more vivid everything will be with both eyes like new again!
I’m very excited about both of my eye cataract surgeries. They went great with no problem,no pain. I will refer my friends Dr.Khanna.
Deanna Smith
I can see better than I’ve ever seen in twenty years!
Jose Ruiz
I can see much better since the surgery. Dr.Khanna did a wonderful job,can’t wait to havethe other eye done!
Bernie ??
Just had my surgery done. I see out of my right eye 20/20!
James Crossland
This has been an incredible experience, life is great!
It was so great to see the day after surgery. Couldn’t wait to have the second eye done. Now that it’s done, I am so happy, less stressed to see. Can’t wait to get my glasses for reading close-up. Thank you Dr.Khanna. Haven’t seen so clearly since I was eleven years old, and younger!
Thanks again,
Naomi P. Johanson
I had an awsome experience! For all my 64 years, I have never seen things like after the surgery glasses/contacts for 60 years never gave me true correction. Everything is so crisp and clear. Thank you Dr.Khanna! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
and thanks to the staff who have been caring and kind. New eyes! God bless you all!
Lasi Bredar
Thank you Dr.Khanna, It’s a whole new look at the world with my new eyes!
Dave Denson
Well it was an experience to talk about it because I was never in a hospital or clinic but Dr.Khanna was good evenmy friend was watching the surgery and he told Dr.Khanna that he had angel hands because the way he was doing his job. All I can say is thank you so much Dr.Khanna every single one of my friends were surprised that I was at work 2 days after my surgery. Thank you Dr.Khanna!
God bless you!
Carlos Cuchijay

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